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This story began when I was child…

The paintbrush, the canvas, the colours and the passion for the Art was extremely close to my heart. Whilst every other child was reading comics and playing games, my favourite book was the biography of Picasso.  At school my passion was Art and I would rather be in the classroom drawing than outside playing football.

I have learnt a great deal from my Tutors and I continued to paint throughout my childhood as my dream was to become an Artist for a career. Only now has this dream become reality.



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So how we are different to anyone else? Our goal is to make you feel special from the first time you contact us. We will discuss with you about yourself, your life, your interests, your feelings and your taste for art. After the initial meeting we will arrange a visit to your home or workplace where you can discuss directly the details with the painter. We will then design a selection of draft paintings, impose them into the space with special interior design software and then send them back to you. You can then visualise how the finished product would look. Of course, at any point we can amend if needed. Please feel free to browse through our previous work and please contact us if you have got any questions.

„Egy lakás értelme nem a bútorok, hanem az érzés, amely eltölti ott az embereket” Márai Sándor


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